She may be gone but the legacy she left behind still speaks in the hearts of many. Her works really touched the lives of the fellow teachers she worked with, orphans and vulnerable children she taught and the oldest members of the society. Her name is Charity Nalungwe, the late teacher at The Other Side Foundation School, and also a late mother of two boys since she lost the youngest son six 6 months before her death. Her life whilst on earth, was a story one would want to hear from time to time because it was quite inspiring especially to the vulnerable children The Other Side Foundation School serves.

TOSF School journeyed with this beautiful and precious soul from 2010 until 2018 when she died at the age of 30 years.

TOSFIt is exhilarating to mention that Charity was pursuing a bachelor degree in Early Childhood Education whilst juggling a full-time teaching career at TOSF school. Her working at The Other Side Foundation was a benefit not only to her children who she had to put in school but she also cared and supported her aged parents in the village through her earnings and sponsored her siblings through high school
It is always said that, ‘’to every labour there is a reward’’, Ms Nalungwe was awarded the outstanding teacher award owing to her dedication to her students and the parents and guardians of these students. She always had time to sit and listen to their woes and advise them accordingly. It is so grievous to see such talent, dedication and achievement drain in the grave with this visionary woman who had gone yet still full of life. It is, however, sad to mention that 6 months before her death, Charity was grieving the demise of her 3 years old son. All will agree with me that it was indeed too hard for this woman to bear.
Charity, a doting mother, hardworking, excellent and dedicated teacher passed on when her children, fellow teachers and the directors of the school needed her the most.

Her good works still speak at The Other Side Foundation School especially when you look at the grade 1 class which is dedicated and named after her. Tears may dry in our eyes but her memories still remain in our hearts.
Whilst alive, Charity’s wish was to see her children succeed in their education. Thus, she always encouraged not only her children to work hard but also the vulnerable children she taught and served. This lady understood that education that targets marginalised and poor populations can bring change to many of the systemic factors that have contributed to the delay in poor communities’ development. This statement really made her rally behind the education of the vulnerable and the story of her life too was indeed a testimony in regard to education.

Henceforth, when she died, the Directors vowed to live Charity’s dream by pledging to sponsor the education of Eversto and Josephat Banda who are the two sons of the late Charity Nalungwe. Josephat Banda, now 13 years old, sat for his final primary school leaving examination and successfully obtained good results. How we wish his mother was alive to see her dream come to pass.


The TOSF School directors have paid for all his basic school requirements such as uniforms, shoes, books and a school bag. This gesture has made the boy very happy and henceforth, he has promised to work extra hard at school so that he may fulfil the dream of his mother even much further.
Josephat is not the only child who was sponsored by TOSF

2022 TOSF male bursars.
2022 TOSF male bursars.

School to grade eight (8) but also six other vulnerable boys as their families cannot afford to pay for the school requirements the state schools are demanding.
In addition, we appreciate the government of Zambia for scrapping school fees and declaring free education from grade 1 to 12 which has relieved the burdens of donors and non profits like TOSF. However, even after declaring free education, most of the guardians of these underprivileged children cannot afford to buy the basic school requirements like uniforms, shoes and socks, school bags, stationary and basic requirements of a school going child because they are from the poorest of the poor! Therefore gratitude to Mrs Champ who came to their aid and fully paid for the boys’ school requirements. Josephat and the six (6) other boys have already started their secondary education in grade eight (8). And Ms Melanie Rohling through the sponsorship of Smiling Children e.V Germany has fully sponsored 5 girls.
EDUCATION stops the transmission of poverty to the next generation. IT IS ALWAYS SAID, LIFE IS GOOD WHEN IT IS LIVED FOR ONESELF; GREAT WHEN LIVED FOR OTHERS BECAUSE THE TRUE MEANING OF LIFE IS TO LOOSE ONESELF IN THE SERVICE FOR OTHERS. We can all do our part by sponsoring 1 or 2 children from TOSF School so that we exercise the act of living for others.
Always leave a legacy behind so that when you are long gone others will remember you for it.


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