Clifford Kaluba
Clifford Kaluba

Realizing the potential of the underprivileged to be a generative force for good is the vision of The Other Side Foundation School. However, for this vision to turn into reality, it needs what Albert Schweitzer once said, “At times our light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flames within us.”  The Other Side Foundation has been lighting the flames that lies dormant within the lives of the underprivileged by providing free education at TOSF School for OVC and further sponsoring the primary school leavers to state owned secondary schools who score high marks through TOSF’s Bursary scheme. Our bursary scheme has seen many of our students who are orphans and vulnerable children, complete their education in higher government secondary schools. And by doing so, our vision and mission is met.

Out of many students that had studied at TOSF School, Clifford Kaluba is the second student to come back to serve at TOSF School as a teacher after Stanley Chimanga who was also sponsored by The Other Side Foundation from primary to secondary school and who later served for over eight (8) years as a teacher at TOSF School that gave him a foundation in life and he is currently employed by the government of Zambia as a government school teacher.

Nothing gives more joy than an organization harvesting from its labour which may have seemed impossible initially. Clifford Kaluba started his journey with TOSF School in his sixth grade after his father abandoned them leaving them with their mother who was literally unable to support the family financially. His single mother could not afford to rent a decent house for her children not to talk about feeding her children and paying school fees. This is how Clifford found himself at TOSF School in 2016.

In 2017 the young man wrote his primary National Examination where he passed with flying colours.  And TOSF took up the responsibility of sponsoring his junior secondary school via the bursary scheme. This motivated Clifford to work extra hard at school and the results of his hard work was seen in his junior secondary school final examination where he emerged victorious to attain his senior secondary school. TOSF School sponsored this young man further until he completed his GCE Levels. Whilst in school, Clifford used to be very good at sports. His commitment, hardwork and focus gave him an opportunity to play in Medical Stores now ZAMMSA (Zambia Medicine and Medical Supplies Agency) football Club on his free time. This opportunity gave Kaluba a hope for a bright sports future which might have changed his destiny but fate caught up with him when he had an ankle injury. This injury made him quit football and later concentrated on studying.

Regardless of him coming from a home where proper meals were hard to access, Clifford really focused on his education and his background was not a limiting factor but rather it became a challenge he felt to deal with if he was going to change the status of his family by maximizing the help he used to receive from TOSF School.

Being selfless is one of Clifford’s attributes, he tutored other students from various grades from TOSF in subjects they were facing difficulties. He used to volunteer at the end of the day when he comes back from school, and this made him popular among the students of TOSF School. When he completed his GCE O’levels he enrolled for a short course in brick laying at Lusaka Technical College where he acquired a 100% bursary. Mr Kaluba has completed the vocational skills training and he is now a qualified Bricklayer. He was also interested in tailoring and he joined TOSF tailoring program for adults. From what has been alluded so far about this young man, one would tell that indeed Clifford is an all-rounder.

Following his interest in teaching besides tailoring and sports, the school Directors saw potential in him and asked him if he would like to come on board as a trainee teacher at TOSF School just like Stanley Chimanga. Clifford has already been giving forward, his way of showing gratitude to TOSF, by volunteering at TOSF School all these past years and tutoring students for free after he returned home from school. Having joined us as trainee Values Based Teacher and hoping later to do his diploma in teaching when he will get an interest free study loan from TOSF School in order to establish a career for himself. 2023 has seen this young man as a trainee teacher where he was once a student.

Mr Kaluba Clifford thanks Mr and Mrs Champ “for being a light in his path of life and for helping him realize his potential as an educator”.

“Thank you once again for the privilege to serve and give back. I came to this school to learn with passion but I have come back to serve with compassion and with gratitude for giving me a foundation in life,” Clifford Kaluba said. 

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