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Education plays a central role in preparing individuals to enter the labour force as well as equipping them with skills to engage in life long learning experiences. However this becomes a setback when education is not acquired especially due to poverty.

It is true that education and poverty are inversely related such that the higher the level of education in society the lesser the number of poor people. This is because education imparts knowledge and skills which is capable of improving one’s life economically and socially. Thus, when proper education is attained, indeed the cycle of poverty is broken.

Regardless of the daily struggles  of the guardians and parents from this shanty township of George Compound, they still strive to invest in their children’s education. Do they have the money to meet their children’s educational needs? The answer is NO. To relieve these parents/guardians burden, The Other Side Foundation School makes available free primary education at their school premises for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC),  adult education in the evenings for widows and mothers and sponsorship for TOSF bursars from grade 8 to grade 12 in Zambian government schools.

Today, Mrs. Leela  Singaram Champ’s vision to uplift the lives of the less privileged has yielded results. One being Dalitso Mumba who started his primary education at The Other Side Foundation School together with his younger sister who is now in grade 10.

Dalitso completed grade 12 (senior high School) in  2018.   He will be pursuing bachelor of accountancy this year (June) with one of Zambia’s notable colleges, that is if the Corona virus(COVID-19) pandemic comes to an end.  Due to his good grades scored at grade 12 GCE O’Levels examinations, he has been given the scholarship(bursary) by the college he wishes to study accountancy from.

Dalitso is among the few who has managed to take advantage and fully utilise the free education rendered to him by The Other Side Foundation School for Orphans and vulnerable Children.


The VALUES-BASED EDUCATION provided by The Other Side Foundation( TOSF) School gives a solid foundation to these vulnerable marginalised children.Our bursars

By having at least one child in the family who has attained higher education, the present and future generations of such a family that lives from hand to mouth, will surely break the vicious cycle of poverty. Dalitso is the hope for his family. He is determined to further his studies because The Other Side Foundation gave him a chance and an avenue to alleviate from poverty through TOSF free primary education, bursary sponsorship, feeding and healthcare program.

TOSF will continue encouraging and sustaining the marginalised through their well planned educational and civic programs.

Help us empower our learners to be responsible, educated and compassionate future breadwinners and society’s examplary citizens.






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