TOSF feeding programme vs COVID-19The Other Side Foundation School does not only provide education for the orphans vulnerable children but also does the feeding programme at school. Knowing better that children from our school come from homes where food is scarce. Most of children, come from families where they have only one meal a day and that is usually dinner. Feeding Children of TOSFThe feeding programme at school has made the children to attend school regularly. with the hike of mealie-meal (maize flour) in Zambia, these families that used to have one meal a day, do no longer have those meals instead sometime a day will pass without a meal. It is from this view that children who feeds from our school have resorted to eat some and leave some for their siblings at home. Now that schools are shutting down due to COVID-19, how do these poor children survive? What happens to them the period they will be away from school? What of their siblings that wait for the brother or sister to bring them a slice of bread or little tobwa in a bottle? The worry is if they survive from COVID-19 then hunger will perhaps wipe them. TOSF NGO ChildrenSo touching indeed if you see their distressed faces when they received the news of schools closure country wide due to the current pandemic.


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