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  It is important to know that we were put on this Earth to serve something greater than our self
  Celebrating a milestone like an anniversary, a birthday, a great set of grades, can be an amazing feeling. And
  Human Resource Management has several components and one of these component is career development. It is always every organization's
In life there comes a time when one feels things are coming to a halt and do not foresee any
Life in Africa is a struggle for most, in the world’s second largest and second most populous continent after Asia,
Honestly speaking, many of us will acknowledge to the fact that most of our lives were at some point shaped
Giving generously to the poor being the doctrine of all religion, is invaluable for one's personal development, as it cultivates the habit of
Education plays a central role in preparing individuals to enter the labour force as well as equipping them with skills
We will be worthless citizens unless we make positive contributions to our communities and country at large. This statement can
The Other Side Foundation School does not only provide education for the orphans vulnerable children but also does the feeding